Both our Black and Red Angus programs remain focused on commercial breeding objectives and profitability. We continue to select our new generation Angus based on proven performance – with emphasis on fertility, carcase, calving ease, soundness and feed efficiency.

The Paringa pure Black Angus program is at the forefront of modern, efficient, productive easy care Angus, whilst maintaining strong breed characteristics. With a long history of breeding Angus we have been successful in identifying and combining the best of Angus sires from around the globe, including Australian greats; Ayrvale Bartel E7, Paringa Judd, Dusty M13, and Sydgen Bonus 8085.

Paringa Angus take maternal productivity, feed conversion combined with high carcase value to a new level. A unique combination of calving ease, fertility, high carcase weight and marbling all wrapped up in a modern efficient unit with docility, good structure, and maternal ability.

Paringa Red Angus have been used widely in crossbreeding programs over Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Herefords and Charolais. Paringa were the first to sell an Australian bred bull at the Denver Stock Show in 2011, and Iron Ore E27 is now breeding around the world, and one of the highest selling red sires in South America.


  • Paringa herd ranks top 10% on Breedplan and $Profit Global
  • Carcase traits rank in top 1% for muscle & marbling
  • Proven feed efficiency and reduced carbon footprint
  • Highly fertile with extreme calving ease

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