LCoC Big Gene L19X

Big Gene L19X has lived up to all expectations, and for a highly proven bull still ranks in the top 5% on $Profit. His sons bred at Paringa are phenomenal. Powerful and robust. They are the perfect choice to add some shape and carcase weight into British or Brahman based females.

We purchased a share in Big Gene in the 2012 March LCoC Sale in the USA, to help us take our Stabilizer® program to a new level. Lee Leachman has been indexing all his bulls for $Profit for almost ten years, our decision to jump on board and analyse our bulls was a simple one. We wanted to simplify and clearly explain to bull buyers, how the animal will perform encompassing all important traits and drivers in one index.

To be a high $Profit bull, he must be good easy calving, with growth, feed efficiency, high fertility, moderate cow requirements, and massive carcase weight with good eating quality.