Hooks Trinity 9T

Trinity continues to be a game changer and excels in so many economically important traits. We have been told for years how good this bull is performing in the USA, and in hindsight we should have listened sooner! He compliments the modern Angus female adding docility, fertility, maternal calving ease, muscle expression and feed efficiency.

“Rarely does a sire exceed all expectations once proven, but Trinity’s progeny have been extensively tested in our system, and we are yet to evaluate a trait that he doesn’t score well on. He sires very attractive progeny that have the look of a British animal, with the heterosis and performance of a hybrid. No bull is perfect, but Trinity is our pick for one of the best balanced, well proven, low birth, highest $Profit bulls in the industry. ” Lee Leachman 2016.

$Profit Index: $14,722, Top 1%