Paringa Launches $Profit Index Bulls

24th  August 2016

This week has been a first in the Australian Beef Industry, and has been a long held ambition of the team behind Paringa Livestock Genetics – to get a breeding value prediction that can be compared across ALL breeds.

The unique $Profit breeding value ranking system, not only compares all breeds equally, but compares hybrid composite multi breed animals as well.

What makes this $Profit selection even more unique is, in addition to the standard traits such as birth, weaning weights and carcase assessments which are revenue traits, it also looks at feed efficiency and cow maintenance. The biggest improvement is its balance; it recognises the benefits of hybrid vigour in a breeding system, and does not assume “more is better”.

Although we continue to provide data to ABRI for Breedplan Analysis EBVs on the pure bred registered animals, will now can offer customers an additional selection tool , $Profit Index.

Internally in the Paringa breeding program, we have been observing the impact $Profit Index has had in the USA, and carefully selecting potential AI sires to use within our herd here in Australia. What we have observed using $Profit sires over our herd correlates with the performance of the progeny.

Delivering positive outcomes to livestock producers, and in particular offering our customers the best available genetics globally, has tied in well with providing a $Profit Index, and linking our herd in , and comparing them to the 700,000 plus animals currently on the system.

By buying quality yearling bulls can be the most rapid genetic gain achievable. Effectively, the bulls are purchased at an age that their progeny are sold, so gives a simple picture of what they will breed.

Visiting commercial producers in recent times, using yearling bulls in their herds, the genetic gain was obvious – these bulls bought a year ago as yearlings, now a two year old, had ripper calves on the ground. The neighbour, who purchased a 2 year old bull same time last year, is essentially a year behind in genetic progress. It is easy to see why the 2 year olds are attractive; they are grown out and always look impressive. But remember good genetics compound quickly. Why wait?

This year’s Spring Sale features 60 lots of Stabilizer®, and registered Angus and Red Angus bulls. Exciting sire lines include: Judd J5, Black Pearl, New Direction, Trinity, Yosemite, Complement, Pilbara, and Big Gene.  Current weights suggest the yearling bulls will be 500kgs+ off grass.