Elite Highlander Rams perform in Australia + Video

CVI_7796 low resElite Highlander® rams out of embryos from the top performing sheep in the Focus Genetics nucleus, culminating 20 years of breed improvement.

On Farm trials in commercial flocks in Australia have proven substantial benefits using the Highlander® versus traditional rams. Including:

  •  Improved maternal capabilities (regularly lamb 160% ewes to the ram) without assistance
  • Higher mothering instincts
  • Joining 55kgs ewe lambs at 6 months of age targeting weaning 120% plus
  • Breed for efficiency (ewes wean their bodyweight plus)
  • Higher stocking rates (smaller frame size, quick to maturity so more feed efficient)

Focal points and features of using Highlander® are:

  • Bench marked on Profit Index – measures output but also more importantly measures input costs
  • Stabilized breed for 20 years retaining up to 66% hybrid vigour
  • More kilograms weaned
  • Consistent tighter skins
  • Improved ewe hogget production lifetime performance
  • Lambing ease and high survival,  proven in Australia
  • Worm tolerance

150 Highlander® ram hoggets available for sale 14th February 2014 at Murnong Inverleigh. Contact us for more information or to pre register for early selection time.