Brown Oracle B112 is a very unique Red Angus bull. Oracle came to our attention when he ranked near in the top echelons for $Profit Index, and exhibits excellent calving ease, explosive growth, muscle and high feed efficiency. An advantage of Oracle is his totally unrelated genetic profile to our current herd, while being outstanding on maternal efficiency. Oracles pedigree offers his sire Brown Revelation from a beautiful Nebula 707 X Julian B57 dam. This is a royal pedigree straight from the Brown and Beckton Red Angus programs.

The Oracle progeny are some of the quietest cattle we have ever handled, with great looks, good feet, calving ease with powerful growth and muscle.

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Dusty QMUM13 continues to be the benchmark for high performance Angus who excels across the board in all traits. This bull has maintained his ranking as the #3 PROVEN Angus sire for Australian Breeding Index. His calving ease, high growth, moderate mature cow weights and massive carcase continue to make Dusty one of the most unique Angus sires in the world. You will notice Dusty features prominently as a reference sire for us across the pure Angus as well as the Stabilizer herd.

Semen available through ProfitPlus. Email: [email protected]

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What a great genetic combination M166 offers. He pushes the boundaries with his genetic profile; calving ease, growth, fertility and carcase. M166 is a unique blend of Bartel E7 x E7 dam make up. If you haven’t used Bartel E7 genetics before then this is the perfect opportunity.

M166 progeny have proven to be exceptional; they arrive early, thick, soft and slick with good feet. Top 1% across ALL indexes.

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N29 offers a very unique genetic profile, this bull sits at a moderate mature cow weight, whilst having a very high IMF%. Using N29 over our Stabilizer herd has been an exciting prospect.Apart from their excellent balanced data, they are also docile and attractive. In NZ his sons are currently on a feed efficiency test, and the results will be exciting to see.

Semen available through ABS Global. Email : [email protected]

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We selected Texas No Regrets as a complement to our genetic base at Paringa. N46 is entirely unrelated to most of our genetic lines and excels for short gestation, incredible muscle, and excellent docility (top 1%). N46 gives us pedigree breadth and further enhances our focus on feed efficiency; ranked top 1% for NFI.

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