Autumn Sale Round Up 2016

Top priced bull Paringa Free Lunch K330 (AI)(P) sold to Ascot Cattle Co , Warwick Queensland, for $11,000. Weighing in at 812kgs, polled with quiet nature and a ranking on Breedplan putting him in the top 1% across the board, K330 was a sought after sire prospect. Making him even more special was the fact he was bred from a 2 year old Charolais heifer.

Black Angus were in demand with total clearance. All by top AI sires, including Bartel E7, Absolute, Gatsby and Judd. Stabilizer® bulls sold well also, with top priced bull by Bartel E7.

Bulls sold to mainly repeat buyers right across Victoria from Orbost to Corryong, Rochester to Beeac, and to SA and NT.

Lyndavale Station NT were again repeat buyers with 5 Charolais.

Lily & Ben from Lyndavale NT

Lily & Ben from Lyndavale NT

Top Priced Bull Paringa Free Lunch K330

Top Priced Bull Paringa Free Lunch K330


Total clearance of 14 Angus bulls, top $6,000, av. $4,300

12 of 16 Stabilizer® bulls, top $6,500, av. $4,600

Charolais bulls 16 of 30, top $11,000, av. $4,750

(4 more Stabilizers sold just after sale)